The Process

Upon contact we will send you the Nutrition & Lifestyle questionnaire for you to complete and return.

Depending on which option you choose, we then discuss your details in greater depth, either in person or via email, and agree on simple changes, designed to reach your specific goals.

Regular contact and further meetings are recommended, but this is entirely of your own choice.

See The Process for further details.


In some cases nutritional supplementation is recommended, in order to work alongside dietary changes.

At Ivolution, we use trusted suppliers who are committed in providing the very best in nutrition & lifestyle medicine.

For further details on the supplements provided please contact us.


Functional Tests

The option of functional testing may be suggested if other diagnostic methods have not provided enough clarity.

However please be aware you can request a particular test at any stage of the therapeutic process, although the cost may be considered expensive for some.

For further details on the tests available please contact us.

Consultation Request

Email or text 07758734692 to see if we can help.