Getting to the Root of the Cause

Once the symptoms of GERD are under control, the focus must shift towards identifying the root cause of the condition, which may be unique for every individual.

This exert from the previous post, succinctly captures how one must approach any medical condition, not just GERD.

The moment that you become acutely aware of your state of health, tends to be when you have encountered a deviation from your normal state of well being, and detrimental symptoms have appeared.

The body requires nutrients from our food and drink in order to maintain a normal physiological output (e.g. good health, or something called “homeostasis”).

When we encounter a period of illness, or symptoms of physiological dysfunction, whatever this may be, then our internal biochemistry has moved away from this state of homeostasis, and will only return when the cause has been removed.

Short periods of illness are a normal and expected part of life (e.g. 1/2 annual common colds), but if they are happening frequently or consistently, as is the case with chronic conditions, then action must be taken.

Simply dulling the upstream effect through symptom management, does not correct the down stream physiological dysfunction that is sending the signals.

Symptoms of pain and ill health are natures way of telling us something is wrong.

Diet is a major influence on our state of health, but health can also be affected by our exposure to toxins, physical & emotional environment, sleep quality, stress levels, long term medication, physical activity and genetic predisposition, to name but a few.

Therefore, it is vital to understand, that in the case of chronic disease especially, there is rarely a single cause and effect, with multiple factors involved.

Furthermore, whilst one should always consider the quality of the diet they consume, nutritional status and consequently health & well being, is also influenced by many different aspects of our lives.

So although the root cause of any health condition presents a different and sometimes complex puzzle for every person, it is vital to take the time to discover which aspects of our diet & lifestyle are causing the decline, and this is the key to restoring good health & well being.

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