GERD Solutions

Once the symptoms of GERD are under control, the focus must shift towards identifying the root cause of the condition, which may be unique for every individual”

With this statement in mind, we have considered firstly symptom management and secondly cause prevention solutions, in order to address this condition.

However, please be aware that these are general protocols that may help some people more than others, and whilst every case may be different, it is always the combination of these practices together, that will have the greatest healing effect.

Nutrition Solutions for Symptoms

Please be aware that if you are already on medication to control GERD, then you MUST consult your doctor if you are considering using any of the nutrients/herbs listed below, as they may cause interactions with certain medications.

  • Slippery Elm – Soothes the throat & stomach whilst stimulating mucus production

  • Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice – Increases mucus production & helps prevent H Pylori

  • Aloe Vera – Helps restore damaged tissue & has anti-inflammatory effects

  • Marshmallow – Soothes irritated tissue and has been used as an ulcer remedy

  • Gamma Oryzanol (from Rice Bran Oil) – Helps regulate stomach acid

  • Glucosamine – Help support connective tissue (e.g. LOS dysfunction)

  • Probiotics – Inhibits growth of H Pylori

  • Garlic - Inhibits growth of H Pylori

  • Cinnamon & Cranberry – Antibacterial & helps prevent ulcers

Finally, if on long term PPI medication, then alongside dietary improvement, one may consider using a good quality multi-nutrient supplement, due to the potential for malabsorption issues because of stomach acid reduction.

However, please be aware that supplement absorption itself, may present an issue for some people.

Prevention of Causes

  • Lose any excess weight

  • Get regular aerobic exercise

  • Try to relieve any obvious causes of stress

  • Try to ensure quality consistent sleep

  • Improve your diet….think Mediterranean with emphasis on a more plant based fibrous composition than the modern Western diet

  • Avoid snacking & eat mindfully not always on the go

  • Stop smoking

  • Eliminate or reduce obvious known trigger foods (e.g. caffeine, alcohol, spicy & fatty foods, chocolate)

  • If GERD symptoms present, consider a H Pylori & Stomach Acid test

Next Time – We discover the digestive functions of the stomach.

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