Ivolution Analysis

We send you a questionnaire to complete and return, before either meeting up in person for a more detailed discussion, or simply replying with our personalised recommendations.

Positive Changes

From our analysis we suggest the most relevant & practical nutrition & lifestyle changes, you could make to achieve your personal goals.

Supplements & Testing?

We may also suggest supplementation and or functional testing, in order to improve your health, or discover potential biochemical imbalances related to your symptoms.

Fine Tuning

"Patience is a virtue" was never more apt than when applying changes to our physiology. This is because as our health may begin to suffer over time, so it takes time to recover.

The human body is a vastly complex organism, and solutions are not simply a case of discovering cause and effect, as multiple factors may be involved.

However, we believe that simple changes designed to optimise your digestive system, may allow nutrition to properly nourish the body, as when digestion is hampered in any way, food and water is not being delivered correctly to the body, and health eventually suffers.

Therefore small, relevant and specific changes, are what we encourage over time, in order to achieve good health, fitness & wellbeing.




Consultation Request

Email gshaw@ivolution2.co.uk or text 07758734692 to see if we can help.