Why is Digestion important?

In the 21st Century we are literally bombarded with the latest and greatest ways to get lean, get bigger or get healthier, every single moment of our time. Yet despite all these new and differing ways to achieve the body of our dreams, most seem to miss out one fundamental aspect that is critical to each methods success......... Digestion!

If we do not have each part of our digestive system working to the maximum, then weight loss, muscle gain or detoxification health regimes will become much more of a struggle, and most of the time end in failure.

There are also a multitude of today's now all too common chronic diseases, that may originate from a breakdown in our digestive function!

Why? Well put very simply, you are not so much what you eat, but what you can digest, absorb and then eliminate.

There is also the small matter, that we are not so much a single organism living in isolation, but we actually share - the gut especially - with trillions of bacteria, and it is the balance of this internal ecology, that can have profound affects, upon our state of health.

Over several future posts, we will be describing each specific part of the digestive system and explaining what it does, so you can get a basic understanding of just how important it is.

There will also be explanations on how certain pathological conditions can arise, from a breakdown in digestive function, some of which you would not have previously suspected.

Hopefully by "digesting" this information (sorry!), you will start to realise how simple improvements to your digestive function, can be the key to improving your overall health, fitness & wellbeing.

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